Finally a group coaching community especially for children's activity professionals who want to grow their clubs & classes with confidence.

Cerys Keneally

Hey there, amazing kids' activity provider!


My name is Cerys and I help business owners just like you to grow their clubs & classes with confidence. I had a kids' dance business for 11 years and have been a business coach for the last 8 years. Hundreds of children's activity providers have now been through my group coaching programmes over the last 2 years and I'd love to invite you to join them as one of my VIP members.

Do any of these sound like you?

*** You're often up late, searching for free content on the internet but there's so much out there that it can be really overwhelming 


*** You've got questions about growing your business but you're not confident enough to ask in all those big free Facebook groups you belong to and you feel unable to invest in private 1-2-1 business coaching right now.


*** Not having enough time to work on your business is stressing you out and you're frustrated that it takes so long to watch training videos and then even longer figuring out how to apply it to a children's activity business like yours.


*** You're struggling with your self-belief because you're not that 'techy' and you're not sure how to stay consistent & keep up the motivation to grow your business


As someone who has a tendency to get overwhelmed myself - something that used to cause me anxiety until I realised it wasn't serving me or my children's dance business - I'm all about keeping things super simple.  That's why there are no long theory or training videos to listen to - you just check in to a group call once a week to get what you need - personalised support to help you keep YOUR business on track and moving forward 2-4 times per month depending on how often you need it! Thinking back to the days when I used to travel around 6 different towns in one day to teach dance, I know what it's like to try to fit things around a busy schedule & that's why everything is designed so that you only access what you need and can fit it into your week.  As a trained accountability coach who has helped 100s of small business owners to stand out to their dream clients, I've combined all of this expertise to create something truly unique for other children's activity providers just like you & me.

Introducing the

Primary Activity Provider Business Club's "VIP Lounge"

*** Receive professional group business coaching from me every couple of weeks to troubleshoot any issues you're having, get accountability, stay on track and keep your business moving forward.  Share best practices with other like-minded kids' activity professionals and feel less alone in your business.


*** Easily access a selection of mini courses from guest experts all in one place - I hand pick my guest experts on their ability to teach in a way that is easy to understand and apply to your children's activity business.  Learn simple strategies step-by-step in bite-sized chunks to help develop your self-belief that you CAN apply the marketing theory to your business and get more visible with confidence.


*** Come and join a co-working session 2-4 times per month to stop procrastinating, finally get what you need to do DONE in your business and hang out with other like-minded business owners, ask me questions and get support with tonnes of accountability and a renewed focus on your business every single month.

Why is this different?

You've probably heard of other group coaching programmes but wondered how the information will relate to your business specifically...


The Primary Activity Provider Business Club's "VIP Lounge" is genuinely like nothing else out there - there's no huge upfront costs (it's a monthly membership), there's no long term commitment (you can cancel at any time), there's no long drawn out videos to find time to watch (everything is bite-sized) and you won't feel left behind (there's opportunities to ask questions, get support, stay accountable, co-work with others and receive expert coaching throughout the month).


Other business and marketing programmes out there will leave you: 

  • Feeling overwhelmed - too much information that's not relevant to your specific business

  • Feeling stuck again in 3-6 months time because the course has finished and you no longer have the on-going support

  • Knowing the theory of what you need to do and how it applies to businesses in general but still not understanding how to apply it to your niche.

The Primary Activity Provider Business Club's "VIP Lounge" is all about keeping things simple so you can grab what you need and go, giving you the time & confidence to grow your clubs & classes!

  • Reach a wider audience with your marketing

  • Learn how to get your message across to your dream clients

  • Have somewhere to ask questions and get support from like-minded children's activity providers

  • Know your worth and how to price your expertise

  • End self-doubt and worries about your business processes and marketing strategies

  • Learn simple ways to do the 'tech' and receive accountability to get it done

  • Earn a more consistent wage and worry less about the bills

  • Understand how social media works

  • Spend time doing more of what you love

  • Learn how to get your marketing seen by more of your dream clients

  • Understand the mindset required to stay visible and build a successful business

  • Know how to stand out from your competitors and bring in the 'bandwagon' effect

  • Spend less time on strategies that don't work and more time doing what you love

  • Feel less overwhelmed trying to figure everything out for yourself and happier as a result

  • Have more time for friends and family now you know you have some tried and tested methods to follow

  • Feel more focused and clear about where to start with a plan in place and actionable steps to follow

  • Have better conversations with your family about your business

  • Feel reassured and confident about your marketing strategies & business decisions

  • Love your business more and enjoy talking about it to others

I've broken this membership down into 3 key areas of support:

  • Group 'Co-Working' Implementation sessions Twice Per Month

    Zoom Conference: With a new monthly focus, check in at the beginning of each session, let us know what you intend to get done and then get to work on your business, knowing that you're not alone and you'll be kept accountable

  • Group 'Mastermind' Hot Seat Coaching Twice Per Month

    Zoom Conference: Get expert business coaching and accountability ("hot seat" style), troubleshoot your issues and share best practices with your peers.  Ask burning questions and receive support with simple action steps to move your business forward.

  • Ask Questions & Get Feedback Daily

    Private Facebook Group: Space to ask unlimited questions, get feedback on your work in progress, feel supported and stay accountable with daily check-ins as part of a community of business minded kids' activity professionals with your own dedicated consultant within the group

And Here's How I Know It Will Work For You:

This coaching community is not like anything you've seen or experienced before.  It's not a generalised marketing programme for just any type of business with huge upfront fees where you'll end up wasting your investment due to trying the wrong things or trying to do everything at once.  This is a membership with focused guidance especially for your industry & personalised to YOUR business specifically.  It was created by a trained and experienced business coach who is friendly,  approachable & genuinely wants you to succeed.  It has ongoing accountability and support, where the content is really easy to access and all in one place. It will help you to get to the point where you feel really proud of your business because you'll be focusing on only doing what you really love.  

If all the VIP group did for you was:

  • Finally helped you to maintain some consistency in your business

  • Gave you the self belief that you CAN do this and the confidence to make it happen

  • Gave you all the 'next steps' you need to grow your business 

Would it be worth it?!

Yes, of course it would! 


And because I'm so confident that this membership will work for you, I'm not tying you in to any long term commitments, up-front fees or ongoing can cancel your monthly subscription at anytime...but if you stick with it I'll be right there with you every step of the way!

Plus BONUS Training Guides...

  • Grow Your Clubs With Instagram & Reels

  • Grow Your Clubs With SEO

  • Grow Your Clubs With LinkedIn

  • Grow Your Clubs With FB Groups

  • Grow Your Clubs With IG / FB Stories

  • Grow Your Clubs With Content Creation

  • Grow Your Clubs With Video

  • Grow Your Clubs Productively

  • Grow Your Clubs With Motivating Mindset


And lots, lots more!

Join us now and become a VIP member for just

£44 / month

And receive FREE access to the following bonuses:

Approaching Schools Starter Pack (usual price £27)

Special Sauce Business Course (usual price £99)


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Monthly Membership


  • No on-going contract - cancel at any time


Billed monthly - cancel at any time

Annual Membership


  • Pay for 12 months access upfront and receive 2 months free membership


Billed yearly - cancel at any time